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How Will People Know How to Find My Medical Directives When They Are Needed?

Whereas a normal Will is something that usually should be kept private, the sole purpose of having a Living Will or other Healthcare Power is to ensure that it is accessible anytime, anywhere by any healthcare provider that may need it. We have designed our site to make it convenient for legitimate healthcare providers and agents to find the information they need.

Why Your Social Security Number is Used for Authorizing Access to your Medical Directives If you are incapacitated and unable to convey your treatment wishes to medical personnel, there often is not time for medical personnel to locate a family member or emergency contact before treatment must begin. If located, the likelihood of your family members or emergency contacts knowing some special “PIN” number or password to allow access to your stored documents is very small and defeats the purpose of your documents being stored online. It is your social security number that medical providers and insurance companies use to identify you. Using it to allow access is the only realistic way to allow medical personnel, family members and emergency contacts to gain online access to your directives in a time of need. To help protect your privacy, your MDOL ID Card has your member identification number on it, not your social security number. This number may also be used to access your healthcare documents.

Firms haven't used Social Security numbers to protect confidential information and financial data for years because they are so easily obtainable from so many sources. PIN numbers or passwords are used to protect information that needs to be private. As part of your enrollment process, you will be asked to register a password that will allow you to modify your enrollment information via the Internet, but your Medical Directives need to be accessible anywhere, anytime. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used to protect your enrollment data and to secure credit card transactions.

Your membership package includes an Identification Card for your wallet and Membership Labels to attach to your insurance card and drivers license or other ID card. These should help alert emergency and/or medical facility admittance personnel to the existance of a Living Will or other Heathcare Directives (they are required by law to ask if these documents exist). The ID Card and Labels direct them to the medicaldirectivesonline.com web site.

The MDOL web site is available 24 hours a day, everyday, from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. The DOCUMENT SEARCH menu item descrbed below allows you to retrieve medical directives stored on the www.medicaldirectivesonline web site:

Retrieve Medical Directives: Entering the member’s last name and either their social security number or member Identification Number returns a form containing the name and address of the member, the names and phone numbers of the primary and secondary contacts for Healthcare purposes and the name and phone number of the designated physician. It also allows you to easily view, print and/or download copies of the healthcare documents which are stored in Acrobat’s .pdf format (Portable Document Format). During the enrollment process, the member designates the criteria for access to the actual healthcare documents. He/She may require that you have entered the social security number, the Identification Number, or either of the two numbers. The member also has the ability to not allow access to the documents, but this is discouraged since it defeats the purpose of having them easily accessible in time of need.

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